This is a selection of my last acrylic paintings, started and completed in 1994. They are part of an 8 panel comic page 3100 x 2200 , ‘The Story of Huh?!”.

From 1995 , after becoming quite ill from the paint medium that I had been working with for the previous 13 years ( liquid acrylic), I effectively stopped painting and concentrated on comics. I was still experimenting with different paint mediums, fresco and dry pigment and then oil paints , including oil paints with egg ( ! ) -organic 🙂 plus other weirder stuff, trying to find a way to be a painter again but I wasn’t able to enjoy any of these alternative processes. And so I started doing comics using only brushes ( see comic menu Novacastria, The Emerald tablet, A Cautionary Tale). A compromise of sorts. Around 2004, I started painting with oils, trying to mimic the techniques I’d learnt with acrylic painting. They’re really just very large comics….